Brinkley Heights Urban Academy
"They will be called Oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor" Isaiah 61:3
Pray Donate
Almost 3 decades ago, a small group of young believers got down on their knees and asked the Lord to send them volunteers and supplies to reclaim their community for Christ. That prayer began the God-story that is continuing to unfold. Through continued prayer, the Lord has been answering and providing for the community of Brinkley Heights in unfathomable ways. Prayer is a key component in supporting BHUA and through continued prayer from supporters everywhere, God is listening and answering everyday. Brinkley Heights Urban Academy appreciates any and all donations that are received. Through donations, we are able to provide resources and tools for the students and teachers throughout the year. Additionally, through donations we are able to provide an education that is affordable for the families of the students. Click on the button below to learn more about becoming a financial supporter of BHUA today.
Adopt A Student Volunteer
You have the opportunity to support your favorite student as their grow in education at Brinkley Heights Urban Academy. Targeted "at risk" children are given the chance to learn in a private urban academy with other urban kids, however, it is expensive. Parent's are not able to pay the tuition for their children to receive this type of education so you have the amazing opportunity to continue to show Christ's love to each student. Along with paying for their classes, uniforms, and meals, you also get to communicate with your student through letters in our Adopt A Student Program. To find out more information about our Adopt A Student program, click here. Volunteers are great! When individuals volunteer, our students get the opportunity to learn from others who may have a different history, background, and culture. Not only that, but volunteers are able to provide skills to the students of BHUA that the staff and faculty are not able to provide. If you are interested in learning more information about ways to volunteer with BHUA, contact the school office or email
If you have any other ideas or interests in supporting Brinkley Heights Urban Academy, please contact Pastor Tim Cox at 901.324.3022.
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